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The (Very) Long-Awaited
new Continuing Time novel ...

The A.I. War, Book One:
The Big Boost

Continuing Time Omnibus
A.I. War: The Big Boost

Omnibus - $22.99

Also available are the individual novels by Daniel Keys Moran, including The Last Dancer; The Long RunEmerald Eyes;  A Freeway In My Back Yard; and, with Jodi Moran, Terminal Freedom.

Last Dancer - $6.99

Long Run - $5.99

Emerald Eyes - $5.99

Freeway In My
Back Yard - $6.99

Terminal Freedom - $5.99

Meets the Cycle Sluts of Saturn

Thong - $3.99

Available Only Online

The classic novel, available to the General Public for the first time ever! Better than the Eye of Argon, and with more words than many other stories!  Adventure fantasy from the talented, versatile, and strikingly shameless New York Times Bestselling authors Steve Perry and Michael Reaves.....

"Perry and Reeves are good writers. They knew what they were doing. May God have mercy on their souls." - Edward Bryant, Locus

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A Major New Original Fantasy
Novel From Bestselling Authors
Steve Perry and Michael Reaves

Dreadnaught - $6.99

Available Only Online

We were privileged to see this in manuscript, and we're thrilled to be making this available for purchase. This is an epic fantasy set in a world that might be ours, but isn't: Behold Eilandia, a pre-industrial world with vast seas, about to embroil itself in a bloody global war. A wide-ranging tale of kings and thieves, magicians and soldiers, priests and sailors, aswirl with intrigue, swordplay, and assorted magicks. A rollicking adventure from New York Times Bestselling authors Steve Perry and Michael Reaves.

More Books by Steve Perry!

And Now For Something Very Cool
Classics by Matthew Woodring Stover
Iron Dawn and Jericho Moon

In the author’s preferred versions, available exclusively through

The Age of Heroes is over. Civilization is crumbling into a dark age of war and savagery. But for three extraordinary mercenaries, war and savagery are just business opportunities. When Barra, the axe-wielding princess, giant Leucas of Athens, and master magician Kheperus take up arms, the result is fantasy at breakneck speed.

... for Barra, war and savagery are business opportunities. When she and her friends make landfall in Tyre, the jewel of Phoenikia, the city is already under attack by ahidden enemy armed both with bright bronze and with black sorcery. For Barra, that adds up to silver. Light? Dark? Who cares? She's the girl with the axe.

Other Books By Steve Perry